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your first time watching me make sure you subscribe to your boy man I’ll make those videos just like this all the time sneaker unboxings reviews take us all this shit and random videos just like this but anyway all I was on the website on soul collectors and they had a pretty interesting topic that I wanted to share with job all right so they came up with a list of the worst color ways of every Jordan alright so there’s 31 models of George’s and what they did they picked out the worst colorways of each model so I went down a list but you know what I think this will be a dope video to record and just to share with job man so make sure y’all leave a comment down below let me know what you think of bearing it okay this is variance I didn’t come up with this list I just want to discuss the which are and share my opinions what I think up there is it so make sure you leave a comment down below and let me know what you think of there is alright so let me show you two of them because there’s 31 shoes that I’m going to talk about I can’t go into detail about each shoe because it’s 31 shoes so if I spent a minute on each shoe that this videos gonna be 31 minute long I can’t do that so I’ll keep it short and sweet and shirt to the plane so let’s get straight into it maybe the first show we got up the Jordan 31 and these are called the battle Bray’s I know it real men senses not a bad shoe it off it is actually kind of dope I’m sure there’s a lot of the worst ugly colorways in this so I gotta disagree on that not at all we go goes to the Jordan bird now these are not me these are not dead at all like the Jordan 31 I’m sure there’s a motor vehicle ways this is actually kind of dope I actually kind of like it though I got a disagree on that now what did not elephant know it’s kind of dope and it’s kind of hood it’s like have you ever met a girl she kind of finds but she kind of ugly but you still want to fuck but you don’t want to like them like this is that kind of shoe like him I want to buy it but I don’t want to spend my money I want to wear it but just not totally that’s what this shoe is.

so yeah I wouldn’t agree I’m sure that oh wow oh wow now now that is she right here now this is what you call ugly right this is what you call a what the fuck is bring that over here why not know it while in the chute why not go to shoot in the garbage why not burn the damn shoe that is this a house house boom look – Superman just a rubber now this is other this is the worst shoe of that Georgia 20 M so we should go more right along why not why not kill yourself whether was the creator of that why not fire them up look that’s what,cheap jordan 11, you used to death of 27 thinkers tinkers Y which now that 27 now old model just look form it’s interesting like that she was created in the top equation y’all just pulled it out in the a this is the Jordan 27 right number that says that whole model is clumped up Ruiz 26 yes dum-dum host you know it sounds like the Dewayne waves a little bit um I wouldn’t say this is trash just not my cup of tea man I’m passing them oh boy bring that ass over here these 30 the 25 that shit is what what what is this on the side of its goddamn.

you I just thought of this shit look like a big-ass fucking black hole ain’t quite what is that go on inside of the shoe it look like a big-ass fucking pimples that you bust and didn’t heal right I know right is the exact statute read that whole model is trash he’s gonna move on certain scores do you think attrition okay 24 yes yes see this is when Jordan grant just just started fucking up now my color is really not bad but the model it just fucked up this was like a V shaped like a V shaped t-shirt right like right here they see a little V shape like the v-neck shirt right there like what are you doing kill yourself I’m 2:23 this cutaway yeah I would say this is probably the ugliest colorways done to all stars because there are actually from dope 23 but then colorway how I have to breathe did that look stretch um these 20 movies what’s the fuck with run your arms should not be up in the air no yo your arms Jordan should be like this like usually pissed like pink but what fun why don’t y’all come up with this no man shoes I enjoyed it should not be like this on that side of the shoe he should be like this with this Michael Jordan it’s discretion that’s winning one planet I wouldn’t I would agree with that things actually kind of dope needs a nice kind of clean I got a disagree on that I can that’s a nice actually Cody I don’t fuck with it Wow he’s 20 whoa dimples trash Oh the 19th Midwest .

so you see this is when Jordan just starts falling off the motherfucking math like nobody’s got fucking with George Oh y’all trippin these eight teams these are mean what are y’all talking about these are not the ugliest a team in that series month I’m sure there’s a lot other ugly this accent don’t y’all gon trip uh missus shoe collector y’all trippin um these Seventeen’s I gotta disagree on this one to this this is not bad but there’s a lot of ugly other ugly color ways that came out in this in this bond so I can cool yeah these cherry wood 16 yet don’t move them hoes look like fuckin rock like like this is not cherry this is like when whooping Hecker with like the wood after Woody Woodpecker damn wood that’s the Deaf that you look like uh these latest it could be all man to 14 but you’re serious things aren’t oh brother is okay,cheap jordan 11 low, I should say right off the best does I played 14 so probably does love grains like there’s a flood of ugly 14 there is actually dope I was actually going to get these on it on the eBay auction but somebody original things are actually fucking don’t you out now I got to disagree on that there’s a lot of other trash as 14 who got that did you did 13 is hideous like these 13 you don’t see a lot ,jordan 11 china,because this is hard to match like this is probably one yet I couldn’t agree with you on this because for another fan you’re gonna have a hard time trying to match that color play with anything run the 12 the flu games I don’t care if this is way don’t care this is no button brother y’all don’t disrespect the mother fucking slow games like that I got a disagree this is probably not the best flu game oh relief but not the worst of the 12 bottles Oh nah y’all sure I can go down the line verse 12 mother but this is definitely not it I got a disagree on that Wow The Gambler the cool you see Julian you know what I would say it’s not the worst but it’s probably the Leafs on basements yeah I would say if it works because officially not trash but it’s probably not some leaf it’s probably the least favorite out of the whole evening so I want to say it is not trash but it just at least fragrance all make y’all cooking no hell no these tins or dope details on fire so go for the flame yeah and definitely disagree with that I can name a peon right now just run off the donut probably worse than me these the motherfucking motor sports.

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