Kawasaki Ninja 250 Fairings off and Carburetor Cleaned

hey what’s going on everybody’s budget building support maybe we don’t do tatewaki you start men will be doing that yes so where exactly I want all the pockets off or we can see everything one pay that look like Miss Lafleur yes petcock we already picked up already take it off the other than this video make sure it’s cleaned up so y’all see us take it off flip back home run the run of the few lines make sure we have all the few lines we need to figure out what we did to order if we do need to get some and if we need to we have some extra few lines on this part spoiler we got laying around we’re gonna take those work so I guess we’re gonna get to it it’s good to it oh yeah we got them bad Larry’s alright wd-40 done done to work [Applause] all right now we’re taking off the airbox to all the lines because honestly we got this bike half-assed put half put together half but he’s going to loop that out half put together and I don’t have enough line so I’m going to take off the ignition system that’s frankly I don’t know if y’all care but I don’t if y’all do good for you not me you know you yell at me in the comments that’s fine but I’m going to take off the emission system on this bike and just wire around it and I’ll give this a bunch of extra water we can use so that’s why they’re not taking this off teeth chuck in it started and everything pretty much to do sit down there’s got support everything else trying to see why the carburetors are leaking so we’re going to take those off so reckon we’ll get right back into it here in just a second see them in here gonna be taking the screws off right here intake ducts right here the ducts there’s more looks like they’re connected.

I think it’s just a snug fit I’m saying I would take these off first you can’t ya might have to take it off and then lift it up and then put them on see now I can lift him up a little oh I see how you’re going yeah yeah didn’t get that one out here Oh there which again hold up no the throttle for me keep it where it’s at all right no I’ll just make sure didn’t go anyway whoa she’s a little she’s a little spinny yeah all right so I’m gonna take these bowls off right here the footballs got one of these screws out got one sitting right here ,ninja 250r fairings,it’s looking like you don’t want to come out we’re gonna give it a chew cheering a little bit actually all these seem like they don’t want to come out we’re gonna fast forward so yeah we’re done [Applause] all right Joe so y’all can see our football is off so if I today we’re going to take the motion to banned the injectors out and we’re going to check the inlet for the fuel make sure that they’re doing their job actually letting fuel in and out because we’ve gotten a lot of leakage don’t know why but we’re gonna get that off get that checked out .

all right well everything looks nice and clean you can see the needle valves in there everything looks good not any excessive anything as we can see were nice and clean the holes in the emulsion – were good sure we’ll clean all those out [Applause] [Applause] we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have Cory he’s gonna be blowing into this tube and yeah you see out no air no air is coming out I’m sure y’all can hear it again yep nothing’s coming out all right cool so now we’re gonna okay yourself,ninja 300 fairings, now flip them upside down now chat you’ll hear air coming out y’all hear the air that’s how you know that there’s no obstructions inside of here where the intake is for the footballs so that’s how good there was a little junk in here so that’s probably what it was though because it just kept coming out of the overflow and it just wasn’t starting .

so I imagine it just kept flooding itself so we’re gonna try it again we’re gonna get the float bowls back on and try and see if she’ll start for us all right y’all well it’s a much expensive after taking everything and putting it back on Smith realized so Cory right there he realized that uh I hadn’t even tried starting it yet before we put all this on so let’s cross your fingers here you know I mean well I guess well I guess we’re gonna dock the carbon dioxide poisoning hopefully not well thanks Benno she runs do you think Cory sure yes all right cool well I reckon ,cheap motorcycle fairings,we going next time we’re gonna probably take it up and down the street I might give it a little try tonight show you all how she goes and then they say you know all that right there cancel wacky plates and all that junk so we’re gonna be flattened that tank right there and just so you guys know we’re not thinking about black and purple pink I like it it looks awesome it’s gonna look awesome so hope you all are prepared for that next time we’ll be all right the way that Cory make sure you like it subscribe to Joe always helps you want to hit the little ring-a-ding Paula Joe next time drink you

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