I Bought My Whole Family The New Jordans

what we do here just go back back back I’m in my homies CJ on 32 check you see it man three male everywhere right now man they’re telling you guys something man three male all the way man spam it up in the comment section right now if you’re watching this video my bro don’t play you hear what he’s saying he really don’t play about his on his comment section big black people protest but if he block you guys is always for a reason though he only blocks and kicked people out there’s talking like control you know no one wants to see you trouble anyway but if you haven’t followed CJ underscore underscore 30 tools yet then please do so guys he just made a threat he told his life that he ain’t selling me the car until he gets 75 thousand followers on Instagram and he ain’t giving me the title so he reach 100,000 now that’s a threat not a promise guys so I don’t know what I’m gonna do I gave him a shout-out already man you don’t know saying I’m trying to help him out but anyway long story short guys .

that is the gold man we trying to help my brother out he’s a good guy he’s done a lot for me helped me save a lot of money he’s saving me money with the Red Machine like all the rims and the paint that I’m getting done and the interior everything that you guys would normally see me happen to pay a lot for I’m talking the arm and the leg he got me for the low so like this guy is a great guy I mean even people in his shop were saying like yo warranty charging him or he’s famous you know so he’s a great guy very uptight guy though he does not play around I’m telling ,cheap jordan 11,you you will get snapped on he just snapped on something dude for leaning on his car that was fun you feel like you haven’t been here in years really come on we just was here yesterday we always at the mall man that’s a known fact if you trying to meet us meet us at the mall we here for specific reason guys getting my whole family the retro five that came out today I’m already wearing my originals from the raging bulls from the back but they released the Raging Bull of alone today when we gently put a hold man stay tuned my plug right there Ashley the plug oh she got on some tight shoes today .

you buckles like that you can see that’s tighter the one I got on today man I’m impressed I talked about the vans and she came hard today the plug came through with the stacks his daddy spared oh let’s check out Oh G real quick oh you mean these are not what I’m wearing on my feet peep game I got on the ‘black,cheap jordan shoes, so yeah you see the difference you see the difference man the only difference is both of the shoes are tight okay now these are I took all the preschool so we bought all the key issues as sorry it’s all your kids out there look at this man you like them okay all I gotta keep truck what the yeah the bank might have a problem with that this is crazy god no I like Jordans man but when the kids get oh you got white bottoms I don’t get combo and it still jikido what he’s like $50 one thing I’ll never stop buying is Jordan especially for the whole fam and we got to be late I just let them explain my car six times that’s a shame sign it from Euro team swag why’d you buy out the key sizes in those shoes a live fashion show shake have upgraded they got a new little seating going huh it looks so brand-new sticks and shapes have these new chairs you like the chairs liang lian likes the other chairs what about you do you like these chairs nation it actually looks pretty nice this kind of reminds me of a app game nothing out where you guys can like feed the customers and they actually have an outlet oh wow you like these shirts tomorrow two hours later science are you people wearing headphones but dang this a lot of red man it’s a lot of red man a lot of ring but you already know I see this oh cool do it man I’ve been the king of Jordans man I’ve been in one of the sneaker legends on YouTube even though most people don’t want to give me my credit that’s cool you know what I’m saying because you got to get credit where credit is due and if any credit is due then this do right now stand up for the cool family man we always represent when it comes to the sauce man dripping sauce anyway today just like any other day I went shopping guys and I got the whole family to retro fans that just released today.

they’re so beautiful I’m already rockin the OGS that came out many years ago in the package some of you guys will never have the opportunity to have these but a positive side is you got the chance to get these and these are actually a little bit better in my eyes because of the red soul or whatever I think it looks better like that man the red on red people told me my money Carlo was to read it has too much red paint then it had red rims then they had red lights so that’s just too much rent well guess what these shoes got red shoe strings red suede ran that red everything .cheap jordans,so now what those shoes look good you think those shoes look good you proud you happy you’re glad I gotta fight you through the best dad you know for the best dad you know that’s right anyway guys I want to thank you guys for watching our videos and hitting that subscribe button because you guys have afforded us the luxuries that we now have in life.Wholesale Jordan 11, if it was not for the support and love that we got on YouTube I don’t care what nobody say man we would not be living this good alright and I just have to tell you guys because it’s the truth man so thank you to all of our supporters our subscribers our fans whatever you go by man just know that we appreciate you guys we love you we love everything you do for us .

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