How to Take Off the Lower Fairings on the 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

all right so this is rubble 91 and in this video I’m gonna show you how to take off your lower fairings and the lower fairings is right here and I’m gonna show you how to take off the side cover Soto let’s go over it we’re gonna take out the side cover the lower fairing so we could access engine components and extern etc alright so here we’re gonna take off the side cover here this is called the side cover and where you only need is a screwdriver so so what you do is you unscrew the screw here do-do-do-do-do with one hand I’ll get it I’m gonna get a tripod very soon so alright .

so you take up that screw alright so the screws taken off now what you do is there’s like a little uh there’s a little grommet rubber grommet here so right here is a little side thing I hear there’s a grandma right here and one right here I believe so just pull out see pull out and you kind of take it like this and yeah well I actually pull this one out can give it a lot of force and then this one’s gonna be a little bit hard so we’ll just have to so I just have to pull it straight it’s not working that way so let’s do this here we go so side covers off okay so now there’s an air box so we could get lower pairing off as well so I have this little area here fergenson I’m not trying to advertise but it’s just what I have a little area here where I’m gonna put my stuff so there ,ninja 250r fairings,you go now we’re gonna we’re gonna eventually take off the lower fan here after I take off the other side of the side cover so there’s a couple fasteners that I’ll let you know about that you have to remove so this is a screw these one which is one right here one two three one down here four five six here’s a rum at seven two down here eight nine and one right here nine let’s go right here ten and it was like two grommets right here.

if you can see that eleven twelve so there’s twelve fasteners to remove this you’re going to need a five I believe it’s millimeter five millimeter hex wrench hench whatever and a four five and four you’re also going to need a a flathead screwdriver to get out the ground the rubber grommet alright so when you have your fairing completely just completely unfastened you’re gonna bring this part of the this part of the fairing up because it’s resting on these things right here and you’re also going to bring this part of the fairing out this way so let’s try to do it one-handed let’s kick the kick stand up oh my bad,cheap motorcycle fairings, she could to take gotta take the side cover ah one moment cover off and you got your fairing right here completely disassembled and everything all the fasteners are off we’re gonna lift it up and pull it this way so let’s try to do that all right we’re getting there we’re getting somewhere just kind of wiggle it out it’s being rested on the bike and it’s being held by this is the turn signal connection so what you’re gonna do is good.

you try that you’re gonna try to break it off and what I’m gonna do is like a little connection here now let’s hang out so what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna try to hold it like this and disconnect it this way there we go disconnected hi just pick the piece and I’m gonna store my fairing around a nice is it this is a clean carpet right here and now we get to the insides so yeah look at this cool and my lines right here you guys can’t see this anyways my lines right here this is the low line and this is a full line low line and I’m like right here ,r6 fairings,so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do coolant okay so excuse me change the brake pads and this one it this sides off to never really seen this side which is kind of neat anyway so I’m just showing you that it’s you know I got the lower at lower fairings off once you get the one side off like you figure out how to get it off the next side is gonna be really easy.

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