How To Buy Cheap Replica Sneakers

today i am going to be touching on the topic of how to actually buy replica sneakers now I know this is a touchy subject a lot of people watch these videos which they don’t yet but they will because I’m confident in my channels growth but anyway if you want to buy replica sneakers if you don’t want to pay these crazy resale prices if you want to get shoes that actually look like the real thing without having to pay reset I’m gonna be showing you guys how to do this now before we get into the actual meat of what to do I’m gonna go ahead and tell you guys that you’re gonna be paying close to retail on some of these shoes that’s how good the quality is really kind of hard to tell sometimes if something’s real or not they’ve started making fakes and replicas so well now that you really can’t tell them apart so that’s why some of these are pretty expensive if you don’t think you should pay retail prices for fakes then don’t guys this is just a video to inform you of how to do it or at least the way I do it are guys let’s go ahead and jump it in my computer and I’ll show you how to do it what is up guys so I’m here in my computer now and I am on the first place that you’re going to want to be on which is the rep sneaker separated and I’ll link that down below for you guys basically it is just where I found all my information about buying reps replicas and fakes and it’s where I learned how to do everything so if anything if you quit watching this video now just go over there and you can find out a lot of information but anyway guys what I’m gonna do now is show you where to start so where you going to do is go to this wiki right here and a list of known trustworthy sites that a lot of people buy fakes off of and they basically know these people’s names who run the sites and you can also like message these people directly on whatsapp if you want I know a lot of people do that I don’t really tend to do that I just tend to either buy from their site or buy from somewhere that’s an agent to their site which I’ll get into in a minute so let’s say that we want to buy from I think Vicki is good right now and I already have her site pulled up so here’s her site right here and she’s got all of these easy 350 s and they are like I said guys they’re a little bit higher than you’d think you might pay for fakes but they are really good quality,cheap jordan 11, so say I want to buy these frozen yellows and these are such as pre-orders let me see if there’s okay so this one it looks like we can buy right now the Oreos so you just I mean it’s just like any other website select your size Add to Cart go to check out with MoneyGram or Western Union that’s why I tend to not do this that much I tend to use something else which is not necessarily mentioned in this subreddit but it is you can find it in a roundabout way and that’s using using an agent through a different site so this is the site that I usually buy fakes from I know it looks really confusing right now with all these weird graphs and diagrams and stuff.

I don’t know why this happens a lot of times you have to click on the actual shoot the actual picture to see the picture of the shoe and even in this case you can’t well we can see this this is a static because it has an alternate picture but anyway so a lot of times what you want to do is just click on shoes and then or even just search for what shoes you want so say I want the Travis Scott ones and I’ll just search for that sharks got one so the fours and the ones came up so I’m gonna click on the the ones and my tu size is I think like a forty one so I’m gonna do that 41 or 42 I don’t know just for the sake of this we’ll do this and then so yup who I think is basically just an agent that helps find your find this Chinese product for you and American I don’t know exactly what it does but it basically just connects this Chinese website with what we’re looking at or whatever anyway we find on the up ooh and what you’re gonna have to do for this to work is next it has to go up to an agent and there’s plenty different agents you can use and choose from the one that I use is called super Buy which is this website right here and basically you just want to go in supervised comm register for an account and then when you hit up to agent it’ll take you to this page and it’ll say the price and it’ll say like P 471 and this is the price in Chinese yuan I think it’s the currency that they use so it’s not in US dollars yet so what.

you need to do is hit go to agent again and then it’ll eventually ask you which ok yes so you can use super buy based how CSS buyer Tao pal and I always use supervised this right here click on that agree to the terms hit go buy and then you go here and you can see that this yuan converted to u.s. dollars is seventy sixty four so that’s a lot better than paying like a thousand something dollars for resell on these if you really want these Travis Scott ones now one thing you’re gonna have to look out for is the fact that some of these are really good and look legit some of these don’t look so good so you’re gonna have to browse the subreddit and times people will say oh the you know this new batch from so-and-so is definitely legit this new batch from so-and-so stay away from it and you can actually when you buy something these Bender’s will send you pictures of the actual pair of shoe that you get and a lot of times I’ve seen people post the pictures and they’ll do you see like these QC posts right here or LC quality-control legit check quality check stuff like that so this person right here wants a LC a legit check on these two on these Easy’s so they just provide photos of these ,jordan 11 china,it looks like a pair of 500s and then other people from the subreddit go through and they’ll say nobody’s commented on it yet but they’ll say gl for green light or RL for red light so green light basically means that yeah that pair is good it looks legit go ahead and buy it so if you’re ever if you ever wonder about like if these if this pair of shoes is going to look real or not a lot of times on the subreddit you can go and check and see how legit it looks and I’ve actually seen people post real shoes on there and see how good the quality is because people on the subreddit are so good at kind of grading what shoes are like anyway guys so from then you would submit your order and I’m not going to do that because I’m not going to buy these right now .

But you’re not done after that so after that when you submitted your order your agent will actually go and buy that product for you and then what you have to do from that point is I think it’s under my parcels ok so here’s some past orders that I’ve had so if this was during a shipment or in yeah warehouse so once you buy this product it’ll either get sent to the Hong Kong warehouse or the Guangdong warehouse and then it’ll be in storage then you actually have to submit in order to ship it which cost more I think maybe like 20 or 30 bucks is still gonna be less than you would pay for resale value so this $70 that I have for these Travis Scott’s is not the only money I’m pay I would actually be paying like probably 20 or $30 more for them to ship it overseas usually with DHL which is pretty quick so in the end it probably be about a hundred bucks so from that point you would get it shipped if it all in all I think it takes like maybe a week and a half two weeks to get these and I’ve seen them be worth ,cheap jordan 11 low,it let’s go back and yeah like like I said guys I got a pair of statics and a pair of Conchords I’ve never had anybody called me out on them they look really good and I’m totally happy with them I the shipping fee was $65 and the shoes I think we’re about the same so anyway you might be paying a little more in shipping if it’s like two pairs so and a lot of times you do want to get multiple pairs so you can save a little bit on shipping but it just depends on what you want guys so yeah that about wraps it up you would either you know order directly from one of these sites using money Graham or Western Union which i think is a little sketchy or you use an agent from C in fashion by which is what I did and or see in fashion Pub .

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