Aftermarker Fairings ’07 GSXR600

alright here’s an S look what I found they threw in some huge hog and frame sliders in there I don’t even that bolt it so long I don’t even know what I’m gonna wear start on that thing anyways plastics so I started assembling this part but it’s going to look so good I can’t wait you can take some time taking the old ones off using the same hardware making the heat shield and theater alright guys so I’m about 1/3 done the tail is on looks really nice and clean the color is a little bit different a little bit more of a darker blue but that’s ok we got the tank cowl on there,ninja 250r fairings, let’s see cow had to swap out the stuff I knew I could remove this easily enough and so and then you remove the seat all that comes out swap out all the hardware the lights when that adjusted and came out very clean some issues with fitment and alignment on some of the poles but everything else is done very well .

I remember I know there’s complaints about hole fitment on the these aftermarket fairings but they weren’t too bad side fairings and the whole front is going to be next up alright guys well I got side fairings off see the new take holder oh let’s see got that off thing with the Suzuki side mares is that the bolts in them don’t hold up very well you get a little bit of safe you can see and see,r1 fairings, how one bolt is still in the other bolt got stripped out of its own post so post hole so got an issue there got to go fix that maybe I’ll just screw straight from underneath up in there rather than having a nut I’ll just get the same size screw and go straight up into there I think that’s what it is so I guess the nuts were too strong for the retention anyways that was one issue now I’m running into a two-man job that’s a disassembling this headlight harness is there I don’t know how to disconnect that guy never seen that one before it’s a weird odd thing .

so I just started transferring over and assembling the side pieces I got one stripped out bolt a screw hole right there so I went and screwed it out put it back in clean out the hole through some epoxy in there and then screwed it in and hopefully it’ll set and retain that piece there um everything else I had to do a little bit of Shaving here so that it’ll stay and the fit is a little bit better it has to wedge in there right and there ,cbr 500r fairings,so I had to shave that down so it fits in a little bit tighter all the screws I took off the old fairings and put them in I peeled those off of the old bearings I think I’ll go and take the heat shield that it came with in the box and and put it right alongside here with the exhaust is and that side of the bike so I just need to disassemble that piece and throw it on right now I’m just transferring the rubber washers from the windscreen to the new one and it’s almost done you

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