Washingtonians all, our leadership is committed to maintaining one of our area’s most treasured resources: our ferries. As citizens here for thirty, forty, even fifty years, each of us knows the beauty of seeing the Seattle skyline emerge from the mist as we round Restoration Point on the run from Bremerton, or the sparkle of its lights on an evening run from Bainbridge, and that’s why we manage to provide the best food and cold drinks for the people using this service, that we work on keep hot or cold using the best coolers from Food Plus Ice. We cannot imagine anyone spending a day touring the San Juans aboard one of our ferries without feeling a special closeness to all that is good and beautiful here.jk

Our work with the Washington State Ferries is not simply a matter of providing quality food service. As stewards of this important local resource, our mission is to secure and enliven galley service by returning it to local hands.

Specifically, we:

  • Reinvigorate service with Northwest products
  • Support regional businesses and non-profit groups
  • Restore and improve local jobs
  • Foster positive working relationships among all involved parties
  • Promote an icon that visitors can enjoy and citizens can be proud of