2018 Ninja 1000 Z1000SX How to remove and install fairings

hey guys a lot of the mods and service that you might want to do to this bike requires taking off all these plastic bearings to get access to the areas behind it and so in this video I want to show you how to take these things off hopefully without breaking anything all right in this video we’re going to be working on the right-side bearings the process is basically the same between the right and the left there’s one or two little differences that I’ll point out as we go we’re going to start by taking off this top piece and the side piece and then the main bearing I know it seems like kind of an intimidating job if you haven’t done it before but if you follow all the steps it’s pretty straightforward and then after we get everything off we’ll go through the process of putting everything back on so we can start up here first to get this top piece off the first thing you’ll need to do is take off this four millimeter bolt and then take out this pop rivet a quick note about pop rivets these things are all over the bike and they hold a lot of the plastic pieces together so the way they work is you see the little circle in the middle you’re going to want to press that in and then once it’s down the pop rivet will pull out and there’s this piece of plastic in the middle when you’re going to put it back in you press it up.

so let it sticking out you’ll stick it back in the hole and then you press this piece back down alright the next step is going to be to pull the sparing away and there are four projections or hooks there’s one here one here one here and then a fourth one down here and it’s basically just a prong that’s in a rubber grommet so we’re gonna pull this away slowly make sure once it once the hooks let go that you’re not pulling so that you rip the whole thing out so just kind of prop yourself up against the bike and it’ll take some force but just pull back slowly we’ll do the same thing here and then this whole piece is going to slide forward alright so I’ve got all three up here and then you’ve got the last time down here,yamaha r1 fairings, all of these are out and then this whole piece should be able to slide forward and just so you can see what I’m talking about these are the rubber grommets there’s one two three four and then these are those little the prongs that go into the rubber grommet see of the three here that connect to those and then you’ve got this one which goes in there and then up at the front and this is by the headlights this is just a series of hooks that go into these holes and that’s why this whole piece slides forward so you pull the three the three grommets out the fourth ground that out on the bottom and then slide it forward next we’re going to take off the side panel all there is is two four millimeter allen bolts one here one here and then there are two more prongs inside a rubber grommets right in the middle okay so here you can see this is one of the rubber grommets and this is the other rubber grommet when I was pulling on this it was flexing a little bit so I just kind of put my hand underneath to hold that firm and then these are the two prongs that go into those grommets and then this piece comes right off to take off the main fairing there’s quite a few little steps the first is a little hook right here this will just pull off pretty easily hooks around the frame then you’ve got a four millimeter allen bolt here then you have two four millimeter allen bolts up here by the headlight down here on the bottom of the fairing.

there’s a six millimeter bolt on the left side fairing there will be two of these but that’s pretty obvious up at the front this is the connector for the turn signal on the other fairing in addition to this connection for the turn signal you’ll see another connection behind it and that’s for the air temperature sensor and then inside of the front fender area you can see two pop rivets there’s one right there in the middle of the screen and one there in the back I’ve already taken these out but there’s two pop rivets one in the front here this is just behind the front wheel and then a second one that’s underneath all right ,cbr 500r fairings,I forgot to turn on the mic so I’ll be doing a voiceover for this next bit you’re going to start by loosening the four millimeter allen bolt in the back and then the two four millimeter allen bolts up front next he’ll unplug the turn signal connector and a small flat screwdriver is helpful here and then you’ll undo the brown tab from the faring by squeezing the two prongs on the other side of the faring undo the six millimeter bolt at the bottom of the fairing then you’ll remove the two pop rivets up in the front fender area I’ve already done this but you’re going to remove the two pop rivets down behind the front wheel and then loosen the four millimeter bolt on the lower metal faring after you take out the bolt there are two little metal tabs holding this piece in place so you can just carefully pull it away there’s one prong and a rubber grommet behind this part of the fairing if you reach behind you can feel it with your fingers just carefully pull it away and then the whole fairing will slide backward toward the rear of the bike to come off all right start putting these pairings back together we’re gonna start by putting on the main large fairing and to do that we’re gonna slide these hooks up here up into this front headlight area and then we’re gonna secure this hook or this projection right here into this rubber grommet and then there’s the hook on the top of the fairing it just clips around the frame and then after that we’ll tighten up the other bolts that hold this together as a helpful frame of reference you see these two holes in this front fairing when you put this in these two rubber well nuts are going to line up with these two holes from behind also make sure that your turn signal lead is visible all right so we’ve got the front hooked in we’ve got this hook clip over the frame we have the projection stuck into the ground over here now.

I’m going to clip the turn signal lead back in plug in the turn signal next I’m going to put in the two pop rivets up inside the front fender area once that’s done we’re gonna put this four millimeter bolt back right here and we’re gonna put in the two four millimeter bolts up front I found sometimes you kind of have to apply some pressure to these parts to get everything to line up correctly and when you tighten these down if you haven’t tightened something into a well not before you don’t need to really crank them down you just tighten them until the rubber on the other side starts to compress just a little bit then we’re gonna put in this bolt with a six millimeter then we’re gonna put in the two pop rivets up front next we have this lower fairing cover this has two flat hooks that go into rubber grommets one of them is just underneath the bolt that we tightened there’s another one right down here and then you tighten it up last with a swore millimeter bolt next we’re going to put this little middle fairing back on there are just the two hooks that go into these,cheap motorcycle fairings, two grommets and then two four millimeter allen bolts and then last is the front ferry front fairing has one two three four five hooks that correspond with these holes up here we’re going to line up those hooks pull the faring back and then we have the one grommet that plugs into this and then these three plug in here helps if you have good light so that you can look behind the fairing and see what we’re doing after you get this on we’re gonna put the four millimeter allen bolt in the back and then the popper of it that’s it alright so that’s it that’s how you take off and put back on the bearings like I said before you know we did the right side it’s the same process as the left side the only difference being yeah this extra piece of metal down here and then there’s no temperature sensor on the right side it seems like an intimidating job it is pretty easy if you just follow the directions make sure you work slowly and keep track of all the little bolts that you’ll be taking off you have any questions or comments feel free to put them below thanks for watching

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